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Fuse Custom Series Sights with Exclusive Shock Rod Technology


The all-new FUSE Helix Series micro and standard adjust sights are the toughest, quietest and most accurate sights we’ve ever offered. Designed with minimum mass and maximum dependability, Helix sights come equipped with innovative Stealth Band Technology, which destroys shock, vibration and unwanted noise. And, with eight additional colors (black comes standard), they are fully customizable to your favorite color combinations.

Helix micro-adjust sights feature high-performance, Micro-Click Adjustment Knobs that allow you to hear and feel each click – ensuring precise, fine-tune adjustments – all while maintaining a rock-solid lockdown. Second and third axis adjustment ensure pinpoint accuracy in varied terrain or when shooting from an elevated position. Multiple in and out adjustments also provide correct peep sight alignment.

All Helix sights feature high-strength Precision Steel Pins with pinpoint, super bright and durable .019" fiber optics, plus a compact Sight Lite to dramatically brighten your pins in low-light conditions. With multiple high-performance options and exclusive FUSE technologies, Helix is the last word in bowhunting accuracy. Helix Micro available in Realtree Xtra and Black Out, 3, 5, or 7 pin configurations. Helix Standard available in black, 3 or 5 pin configurations.

Stealth Band Technology
By incorporating Stealth Band Technology around critical surfaces, shock and vibration are almost entirely eliminated – which means a quieter shot. Black Stealth Bands come standard with all Helix sights, with 8 additional custom colors available through your FUSE dealer. (Yellow shown)