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Fuse Custom Series Sights with Exclusive Shock Rod Technology


Options: 24", 27", 30" & 33"

Carbon Blade is the most advanced stabilizer ever. FUSE engineers solved the inherent de-stabilizing effects of wind on ordinary target stabilizers, while greatly enhancing the chief function of any stabilizer, holding the bow dead still during the launch phase of the arrow. The asymmetric engineered flex pattern of the Carbon Blade also enhances vibration and recoil absorption in the vertical plane, and maximizes horizontal plane stiffness to maintain total control of the arrow launch. The optimized, aerodynamic shape dramatically reduces wind drag up to 70%, resulting in a dead steady hold in even the toughest windy conditions, yielding higher scores. (Doinker® and 3 x 1 oz. weights included with each rod.)

Download Instructions:
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Available Lengths: 8", 10", 12" & 15"

Carbon Blade side blades provide the ideal counterbalance while maintaining the aerodynamics of the Carbon Blade System. This ensures minimum wind drag and optimal inertial control. Custom Blade stainless steel weights allow for custom weight distribution. (Side Blades sold individually and are available with a Doinker® and 3 x 1 oz. weights or without.)


Available Lengths: 10" & 12" Available weights: 8, 11, 14 & 17 oz.

Engineered specifically for archers competing in Bowhunter Freestyle Divisions or those archers looking for a shorter, high-inertia setup, the new Carbon Blade BHFS stabilizer incorporates all of the Carbon Blade advantages, with a uniquely designed perimeter weight system. Two available lengths and four available weight options provide for a true custom setup.