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Fuse Custom Series Sights with Exclusive Shock Rod Technology
Helix Slider Logo

Dial your pin to the exact yardage, aim and shoot. It doesn’t get much easier or precise than the FUSE Helix Slider sight. Execute your shot with confidence by adjusting your sight to the exact yardage of your target, hold the pin dead center and squeeze. No pin gapping. No using the wrong pin. Just aim and shoot. The FUSE Helix Slider is feature packed, purpose built and hunt ready.


  • Precision Steel Pin with Durable .019 Fiber
  • Stealth Band Technology t0 Kill Noise and Vibration
  • Adjustable at the Rear of the Sight for Quick and Easy Yard-Age Settings
  • Right- and Left-Hand Compatible
  • Sight Lite Included
  • Bundled Fiber Optic for Optimum Pin Brightness
  • Third Axis Adjustability

Stealth Band Technology

By incorporating Stealth Band Technology around critical surfaces, shock and vibration are almost entirely eliminated – which means a quieter shot. Black Stealth Bands come standard with all Helix sights, with 8 additional custom colors available through your FUSE dealer.